Understanding FASD at Home (Course for Parents/Carers)

Understanding FASD at Home  (Course for Parents/Carers)

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Modules Start January 2024

FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) is a condition that occurs when a pregnancy becomes alcohol exposed. It is a serious and lifelong condition, and children with FASD often display a range of physical, behavioural, and cognitive symptoms. These can include facial abnormalities, growth deficiencies, learning and memory problems, impulsiveness, and difficulty with social skills. Our course is specifically designed to aid parents and caregivers in recognising and managing these symptoms.

We provide practical strategies for supporting children with FASD, as well as tips on working with healthcare providers, educators, and other professionals to ensure the best outcomes for the child. Our program takes a proactive, holistic approach and emphasises family and community support for children with FASD. With our assistance, you can help provide the support and care that these children need to flourish.

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